Canadian Music Week

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick “hello” to let you know that we’re playing in Toronto at Canadian Music Week on Friday, March 22nd!

The show is at The Sister and we’re on at 10pm.

We’re looking forward to it and it would be great to see you out.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I’ve been very busy with school. But! I’ll be done school soon and in full-out music mode.

All the best,

Photos from Toronto / Guelph

We all have white guitars in Toronto, with Andrew Dal Cin backing us up on drums! And in Guelph, on a super foggy Saturday night, without drums and with me on acoustic guitar at the Cornerstone!


Left, Jake, Sam, Amanda and Andrew at Clinton’s in Toronto, by Alanna Mager.
Right, Amanda, Jake and Sam at the Cornerstone in Guelph, by Alanna Gurr

Toronto and Guelph Bound

Hello All,

This weekend we’re off to both Toronto and Guelph for shows!

Thursday we’re playing at Clinton’s in Toronto, a really cool spot! And a great bill too, featuring Martha Meredith, Old English and Julie Rains! Check out the Facebook event here and the Show Gopher page here! (awesome website!).

The very talented Andrew Dal Cin will be filling in on drums for this show. He’s learned the whole set including a new one which we’ll be playing for the first time in Toronto! There’s going to be lots of rock ‘n’ roll in this set, so bring your leather jackets and blue suede shoes.

On Saturday we’ll be in Guelph at the Cornerstone playing with Donovan Woods! A friend of mine from New Jersey calls Donovan, “the most Canadian guy I’ve ever seen!” and folks, he lives up to the hype in the best way. Check out Facebook here. This is the last night of Donovan’s residency at the Cornerstone, so don’t miss it! We’ll have a more stripped down set for this night… maybe even an acoustic guitar.

I’ll see if we can get some pictures from the shows up here soon. Maybe YOU could even take some…

If you’re free and live in Toronto or Guelph we’d really like to see you!


HaD Compilation Band Rehearsal

Sam and Tim, by Amanda

Last night we had a full rehearsal at Simon’s for this Thursday’s Release Party of the Half a Dino Compilation album.

The band will feature:
Sam on guitar / vocals
Jake on guitar / bass
Amanda on bass / vocals
Daniel on drums
Tim Glasgow on keyboards
Sara Froese on vocals

We ran through the set a bunch of times and figured out a fun arrangement of “Love Like A River.” (The girls’ harmonies are WICKED!)

If you haven’t already, consider this your last chance to learn the words to sing along tomorrow night!

A highlight of the rehearsal for me took place as we were setting up. I was messing around with a kind of shuffle on guitar from C down to Am and Daniel came and said, “I know that song. What are you playing?” I didn’t think I was playing anything in particular, in fact I thought that millions of songs must use that chord progression. Daniel told me to keep playing it and began singing into my mic over it. It was really neat. Sara jumped in on drums (with her fingers!) and Jake on bass. Later he told us it was R. Kelly’s “I’m the World’s Greatest.” — we played it over a country shuffle.

Amanda took some photos.

Tim and Jake, by Amanda

Sara, Sam and Tim, by Amanda

Tim, Jake and Daniel, by Amanda

ps. did I mention that I’m also sitting in with The Mountain, The Forest, The Earth on bass!? (we’re on at 8:30! THE WHOLE SHOW STARTS AT 7PM!!!)

Half a Dino Compilation

Last week Half a Dino released their compilation album to the world to stream through Bandcamp. Jump over there now and listen while you read…

The compilation is an eclectic mix of the London indie-music scene and represents many different angles of it. I am very happy and flattered to be a part of such a great mix! Each song brings something different to the table, which makes for a pretty interesting listen start to finish.

To add to the excitement, the album is being released at APK Live this Thursday at a show celebrating the local scene. Ten of the twelve acts featured on the album will be performing for a full out feast for the ears (and lets face it, eyes too). This show is a GREAT opportunity to check out some awesome music from London and is also a GREAT chance to introduce yourself to the London scene. The whole thing kicks off (early) with EVAN at 7pm. We’re on at 9:50pm. This thing’ll have to run like clockwork, with each band getting a short set. So get there early.

More on this to come… see you Thursday,

ps. have a listen to our song and let me know what you think! Also, did you guess right before? We recorded ‘Love Like A River’.

APK Live, August 24, 2012

We played at APK last Friday. It was a fun show. Lowlands and Amos the Transparent were both great and I would be great to play with them again. Some of Jake’s friend made “Jake Allen T-shirts”!!! Awesome. The new song, “Stranger,” got a lot of positive reviews — thanks friends.

by Emma Quick’s phone

by Keesis Nadjiwon’s phone

by Matt Trocchi’s phone